Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Preparation continues...

Room for sleeping, OK
Room for radios, OK
Transportation to the island with boat, OK
Fiberglass poles from DX-wire in Germany arrived, OK

Discussions about antennas going on. We will for sure use a sloping dipole for 80m sloping north from the Lighthouse. That antenna have been our all time favourite.  We will also use vertical loop for 40m. top corner at the Lighthouse platform 29m AGL.
There might also be a dipole for 40m 
For 20m we will probably build a VDA on the big 12,5m fiberglass pole.
On 30m and some other band we will use a non resonant multiband vertical

Rigs will be:
2x IC-7400

We will be QRV on bands from 80m up to 10m depending on propagation.
Modes will be CW SSB and PSK-31

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