Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Preparation 2015

So a new lighthouse weekend is coming up. Pieces are falling into place.
operators this year will be SM7PXS George and SM7RRF Ronny. Chris couldnt make it this year.

Room to stay and accommodate shack is ok and the boat will take us to the island friday afternoon. Hopefully we will have time this year to put antennas up before dark.

At the moment we try do decide what antennas to use. 80m dipole is given.
Then there might be monoband verticals for 40 and 30. and hopefully a hexbeam for 20m. Might add elements for 17 and 15 too. 

Weather looks promising, not to hot.

For more info about the island http://www.garpen.se

See you on the bands during the weekend.

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