Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sum up

So, home and first week of work after vacation finished.

We had a great weekend even if propagation really was crap on Saturday and Sunday. We had less than 5 qsos outside of Europe from Saturday morning until Sunday lunch.

In total we had about 1350 qsos, breakdown shows main part on 30m (550) and on 20m (543). Ronny also worked a bunch on 6m. That was a first
Timer for us from the island. Rest of contacts were made on 40 and 17. Only 5 contacts on 80m where we normally have around 400.

Will post more pictures later on this weekend.

1 comment:

  1. It was a pleasure to work this beautiful lighthouse on 20m during the ILLW 2015. The official ILLW entrants list says QSL should go via SK7CA. Will the bureau be ok, or only direct? I'd really like to have a paper QSL for this contact.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of this year's activation!
    Thanks and 73,
    Michael PA7MDJ